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All presentations will be live streamed via Zoom, from the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle - by Rydges, Western Australia.

Follow the instructions below to register to watch the live streaming for FREE.

This page is for you to register to watch the live-streaming of presentations if you are unable to attend the conference in-person.

Follow the instructions below to register to watch the live streaming (free, and easy to use)
If you would prefer to attend in-person, head to the 'registration' page or email​

​You will need to register for each of the sessions separately, as there is a separate Zoom link for each session across all three days.

STEP 1: Scroll down to see the sessions listed below, and you will see at the top of each session a button displaying the session name and 'REGISTER HERE'.

STEP 2: After you have clicked 'REGISTER HERE', the 'Webinar Registration' screen will open, and you need to scroll down to complete your details, and click 'REGISTER' when finished. Next, you will see at the top of your screen the words 'Webinar Registration Approved'.  You can then close down that screen.

STEP 3: If you want to register to watch more than one session, return to this page and repeat Step 2 for each of the sessions you want to watch.

STEP 4: After you have registered, you will receive a separate email from Zoom for each of the sessions you have registered for. The emails will contain the URL link you will need to click on to watch the session being live-streamed.

For the easiest watching experience, please ensure you have a Zoom account and have downloaded the Zoom app.

If you have any queries please contact Andrea Mansfield at Vertical Events:
T: +61 8 9388 2222  |  E:






8.30am Opening Address
8.40am Announcement of the Craig Oliver Award
8.55am Canaccord Genuity Panel Discussion
9.15am Hillgrove Resources Ltd HGO
9.30am Coda Minerals Ltd COD
9.45am Hastings Technology Metals Ltd HAS
10.00am MTM Critical Metals Ltd MTM
10.15am Azure Minerals Ltd AZS
10.30am Chalice Mining Ltd CHN

11.15am Hot Chili Ltd HCH
11.30am Altech Batteries Ltd ATC
11.45am Venture Minerals Ltd VMS
12.00pm Dreadnought Resources Ltd DRE
12.15pm Alto Metals Ltd AME
12.30pm Ardea Resources Ltd ARL
12.45pm Encounter Resources Ltd ENR
1.00pm De Grey Mining Ltd DEG

1.45pm What’s on ASX’s Radar for 2024 - Hamilton Locke
2.00pm Blackstone Minerals Ltd BSX
2.15pm WA Kaolin Ltd WAK
2.25pm GreenTech Metals Ltd GRE
2.35pm New World Resources Ltd NWC
2.45pm Stavely Minerals Ltd SVY
2.55pm Kali Metals Ltd KM1
3.05pm Ora Gold Ltd OAU
3.15pm Brightstar Resources Ltd BTR
3.25pm Beacon Minerals Ltd BCN
3.35pm Red 5 Ltd RED

4.10pm Impact Minerals Ltd IPT
4.20pm Burley Minerals Ltd BUR
4.30pm Hamelin Gold Ltd HMG
4.40pm Lanthanein Resources Ltd LNR
4.50pm Platina Resources Ltd PGM
5.00pm Sarytogan Graphite Ltd SGA
5.10pm FireFly Metals Ltd FFM
5.20pm Elevate Uranium Ltd EL8
5.30pm Antipa Minerals Ltd AZY

8.35am Future Battery Minerals Ltd FBM
8.50am Gateway Mining Ltd GML
9.00am Magnetic Resources NL MAU
9.10am International Graphite Ltd IG6
9.20am Green Technology Metals Ltd GT1
9.30am Ausgold Ltd AUC
9.45am Red Metal Ltd RDM
10.00am Noble Helium Ltd NHE
10.15am A Volatile 2024: The Impacts for Explorers - ANZ

11.00am Takeovers & Market Views - BDO
11.15am Meteoric Resources NL MEI
11.30am Torque Metals Ltd TOR
11.45am Widgie Nickel Ltd WIN
12.00pm Global Lithium Resources Ltd GL1
12.15pm Galan Lithium Ltd GLN
12.30pm Delta Lithium Ltd DLI
12.45pm Latin Resources Ltd LRS
1.00pm BHP Xplor

1.45pm 2024: Rates, Gold, the Dollar - ABC Refinery
2.00pm Spartan Resources Ltd SPR
2.15pm Gold Road Resources Ltd GOR
2.30pm Southern Cross Gold Ltd SXG
2.45pm Westgold Resources Ltd WGX
3.00pm Tietto Minerals Ltd TIE
3.15pm Bellevue Gold Ltd BGL
3.30pm Ramelius Resources Ltd RMS

4.10pm ACDC Metals Ltd ADC
4.20pm Greenstone Resources Ltd GSR
4.30pm Si6 Metals Ltd SI6
4.40pm Turaco Gold Ltd TCG
4.50pm TG Metals Ltd TG6
5.00pm Hammer Metals Ltd HMX
5.10pm Cygnus Metals Ltd CY5
5.20pm Dynamic Metals Ltd DYM
5.30pm Novo Resources Corp NVO
5.40pm Global Mineral Exploration Trends - S&P Global Market Intelligence

8.35am Exploring Australia’s Clay REE Deposits:  From Snapshot to Challenges
8.50am Bellavista Resources Ltd BVR
9.00am Infinity Lithium Corporation Ltd INF
9.10am Leeuwin Metals Ltd LM1
9.20am Eagle Mountain Mining Ltd EM2
9.30am Rox Resources Ltd RXL
9.45am Black Cat Syndicate Ltd BC8
10.00am Toro Energy Ltd TOE
10.15am Legend Mining Ltd LEG
10.30am Lithium Universe Ltd LU7

11.15am ESG Trends for Explorers & Developers - SRK Consulting
11.30am Matsa Resources Ltd MAT
11.45am Basin Energy Ltd BSN
12.00pm Rumble Resources Ltd RTR
12.15pm Lunnon Metals Ltd LM8
12.30pm Caspin Resources Ltd CPN
12.45pm Carnaby Resources Ltd CNB
1.00pm Talga Group Ltd TLG
1.15pm IGO Limited IGO

2.10pm Belararox Ltd BRX
2.20pm Accelerate Resources Ltd AX8
2.30pm Kin Mining NL KIN
2.40pm Astral Resources NL AAR
2.50pm Alicanto Minerals Ltd AQI
3.00pm Tempest Minerals Ltd TEM
3.10pm Future Metals NL FME
3.20pm Koba Resources Ltd KOB
3.30pm Bulletin Resources Ltd BNR
3.40pm How to Pick your Debt Dance Partner - Noah’s Rule

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